Mama June’s Daughter, Anna Cardwell Splits From Husband And Moves In With Stepdad Sugar Bear!

Mama June’s Daughter, Anna Cardwell Splits From Husband And Moves In With Stepdad Sugar Bear!

Mama June’s oldest daughter Anna Cardwell has split from her husband Michael after three years of marriage!

The 22 years old reality TV star confessed to her friends on Facebook that “We are separated.”

It looks however like they are in fact only taking a break to sort things out as there is still love between them.

“It’s just a lot on both of us and [we] have a lot to think about. But this is only temporary right now. I love him and always will no matter where this goes.”

In addition, she also revealed that she doesn’t live in Alabama anymore and she moved back to McIntyre, Georgia.

But as the fans may already know, she is definitely not living with her transformed mother because they haven’t been on speaking terms for years!

According to reports, she is living with her just re-married stepfather, Sugar Bear and his wife Jennifer Lamb.

Sugar Bear has assured the struggling young mother that she can stay with his new family as long as she needs.

One insider has claimed that even though she is back in town she is not planning on meeting with her mother because she felt too betrayed.

In 2014, Mama June was caught with her former boyfriend Mark McDaniel, who was previously sentenced to ten years behind bars for sexually abusing Anna when she was a child!

To rekindle a romance with your daughter’s molester – now, that’s betrayal!

Even though for a while it looked like the mother and daughter were on good terms again and Anna has forgiven her, they had another fallout when the daughter accused Mama June of keeping for herself the entire family’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fortune.

Do you think Anna will ever forgive her mother?


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  • Angela Williamson
    Angela Williamson Apr 11, 2020 5:37 PM PDT

    I think if their mother got her act together then maybe. But what she has done to her daughters is beyond unforgivable, she turned her back on them before they were old enough to take care of them selves. Then going with her own childs molester is the ultimate betrayal, and I for one wouldn't blame her one single bit if she never spoke to her mother ever again, because she is fully justified in doing so!!!!

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