Mama June Shannon And Geno Doak Finally Show Up In Court For Crack Cocaine Possession Case - Will They Go To Prison?

Mama June Shannon And Geno Doak Finally Show Up In Court For Crack Cocaine Possession Case - Will They Go To Prison?
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From Not To Hot star Mama June Shannon finally showed up in an Alabama court this week to face a felony crack cocaine possession charge after police arrested her and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, back in March. Shannon refused to talk to reporters when she entered and exited the courthouse, but the words that came out of Doak’s mouth were nothing short of offensive.

Shannon and Doak drove up to the Tuskegee courthouse in an SUV - with a WE tv crew on hand - and when he got out of the car he yelled at the paparazzi, “What’s up pu**ies? F***ing queers!”

Doak then told the TMZ photographer to “F**k off!” as Shannon attempted to hide from the cameras by pulling her hoodie over her head and wearing dark sunglasses.

Police arrested both Shannon and Doak at an Alabama gas station on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. After testing the substance, prosecutors charged both Shannon and Doak with felony possession of crack cocaine and a misdemeanor for the paraphernalia. They also charged Doak with one count of domestic violence.

Just two days before the arrest, Shannon’s family - including her 14-year-old daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson - staged an intervention and convinced her to go to treatment. The family drove Shannon to rehab, but within hours she checked herself out and left with Doak. The intervention and aftermath were part of the From Not To Hot season finale.

Since leaving rehab and getting arrested, Shannon’s life has gone into a downward spiral. She trashed her Georgia home before selling it, and she is now living out of an RV with Doak. She’s also abandoned Alana, who is now living with her 19-year-old sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon.

Producers for Shannon’s WE tv series have reportedly said that they are on the fence about continuing From Not To Hot . But, considering they had a camera crew on hand for the court appearance, it looks like the show will be back.

After their arraignment, the couple left the courthouse with Doak yelling “not guilty,” and they are scheduled to go back on September 26th for their plea hearing. If convicted, Shannon and Doak will be facing up to ten years in prison and possibly a $15,000 fine.

WE tv has not yet announced their plans for Mama June: From Not To Hot.


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