Mama June Returns To Social Media With Heartbreaking Message -- Gets Outpouring Love From Fans

Mama June Returns To Social Media With Heartbreaking Message -- Gets Outpouring Love From Fans
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Mama June has returned to Instagram with an apparent throwback Thursday photo. The message she shared in the caption is truly heartbreaking.

The picture of a healthier-looking June was accompanied by a paragraph that read: 'Well decided to get back at it im not saying im.perfect as everyday is a strugglr n some days i just want to disappear n even though me n kids arent still seeing each other n its veen very hard on all of us but i hope one day that will cgange as i want them to know i miss n love them very much.'

This comes after the once-beloved reality star sold her house to hit the road with her boyfriend Geno Doak who family members feel have her controlled and possibly on drugs.

In addition to getting arrested for drug paraphernalia , they have been accused of trashing hotel rooms and skipping out on bills. This has left her loved ones worried sick about her and unsuccessfully trying to intervene.

This post may actually serve as a glimmer of hope to her relatives because it seems like she is getting closer to accepting the help that they've been trying to give her.

June's post was filled with outpouring love from fans who want to see her make it through this.

One follower commented: 'June, have been a fan for years. Please get sober and get well. You were such a great mom and your girls need you and they love you.'

Another added: 'You can do this mama! ❤️ You have been through and have accomplished so much! We believe in you!'

'I’m happy for you June! It will take some time, but as long as you stay at it things will get better. I’m proud of you,' said one fan in an uplifting message.

Hopefully, Mama June comes around sooner rather than later and reconnects with her family.

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