Mama June Removes 'Triple Chin' And Fixes Teeth - Check Out Her Transformation!

Mama June Removes 'Triple Chin' And Fixes Teeth - Check Out Her Transformation!
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Mama June took to her social media to reveal that she had some more cosmetic surgery done! Apparently, the reality TV star spent no less than $55,000 on her latest makeover that included removing over a pound of fat from her neck as well as some major dental work.

Mama June could not be any more excited about her new look and so, she took to her page to show it off to the world!

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The From Not to Hot star went under the knife again not too long ago to get rid of her ‘triple chin.

Nor only that but, she also made sure to get veneers fitted to her teeth as to fix what was initially damaged by her drug addiction.

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While chatting with The Sun about her makeover, the celeb stated that ‘It feels really good to get rid of the triple chin and have my teeth fixed and looking beautimmous. I feel like a new woman.’

As for the procedures, her neck liposuction supposedly lasted for one and a half hours and cost her no less than $15K!

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The Sun also mentioned that it was done by Dr. Michael K Obeng in Beverly Hills.

Her veneers, which were fitted on both her upper and lower teeth, cost an additional $44K and were done by Dr. Rashad Riman and Dr. Leedia Riman at Beverly Hills Dental Lab, as per the same news outlet.

Prior to these procedures taking place, Mama June apparently wanted liposuction as well as a tummy tuck to celebrate being sober for no less than 7 months.

As fans know, before kicking the addiction, Mama June would reportedly spend no less than $4K a day on crack cocaine!

However, in the end, the tummy tuck was not possible since the medical specialists concluded her belly fat was ‘solid and deeper than expected.’


She dished that 'This past year's been a real struggle for Geno and I. We have had so many ups and downs with and then COVID-19. After having all of my procedures done and hair and clothes styled I just feel brand new. I have lost eleven pounds in the past couple of weeks since I have been watching what I eat. We just celebrated 7 months clean so having this mini makeover felt like a reward.'

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