Mama June Received A Visit From Her Daughter Who Says Troubled Reality Star Is Running Low On Money

Mama June Received A Visit From Her Daughter Who Says Troubled Reality Star Is Running Low On Money
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Mama June and her boyfriend Geno Doak were arrested earlier this year but the troubled couple has yet to reach their rock bottom. However, Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Shannon, has seen her mother in person recently and shared an update on how it went during the From Not To Hot special titled Road to Intervention.

This special was filmed seven weeks after the scandalous arrest and after the family intervention that will air next Friday. Cast, crew, and family members of June Shannon sat down to talk about what's been going on with the reality star ever since she met Geno.

Most who are close to the mother of four seem to agree that ever since she started dating the convicted felon, her life has been on a steady decline. From changing all the locks in her house so family members have no access, to draining her bank account -- Mama June is letting Geno control her life.

Certain moments on the show make it clear that June has moments of clarity where she is realizing that she's going down the wrong path. The path that ultimately led her to be arrested.

Not long after, Pumpkin took a trip to Alabama where she was able to see her mom and spend time with her. During the heartbreaking documentary-style episode, the 39-year-old calls her daughter and asks about the family.

Pumpkin tells her mom that she's been monitoring her bank account and sees that it's dropping. The show's producer also chimes in to tell Shannon that everyone misses her before she hangs up the phone.

Unfortunately, the couple is still going strong and ignoring the judge's orders to stay away from each other. This means that they could very well be jailed for the offenses they were originally arrested on especially since her lawyer has dropped their case.

What do you think it will take for June to leave her situation?

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