Mama June Is Allegedly 'Living' At A Casino With Troubled Boyfriend Geno Doak

Mama June Is Allegedly 'Living' At A Casino With Troubled Boyfriend Geno Doak
Credit: Source: WE TV

Mama June is completely ignoring judge's orders, family warnings, and quite frankly -- common sense. The 'From Not to Hot' star is allegedly living at the casino that she's been spotted at multiple times with troubled boyfriend Geno Doak.

A new report states that not only has paparazzi caught a disheveled looking June at the slots with Geno but she allegedly told a person who was also playing the machines that she quite literally lives there. It appears to be a hotel and casino which obviously has to be pretty pricey.

It's been months since she was arrested alongside her boyfriend for the possession of crack cocaine after cops found drug paraphernalia on the couple after authorities were called to a gas station for a domestic violence dispute .

The latest news involving the case reveals that the lawyer that was supposed to be representing the reality star has dropped the case altogether.

Pop Culture states: "The casino spotting comes about a week after Shannon and Doak's lawyer, George B. Bulls II, removed himself from their case after he said he could not get in contact with them. Bulls claimed that since their arrest, he had reached out to them multiple times in vain, which he claimed was them failing to comply with the attorney/client agreement."

This comes after the most shocking season of the WE TV show yet that appears to show the decline of June and Geno's relationship.

It seemed that everything was good between them just this year when Doak gave Shannon a promise ring due to the fact that he turned down her proposal. Shortly after, their perfect romance came crumbling down.

June's publicist notified both the former pageant mom and her daughter Pumpkin that her beau was sexting ladies online. June also revealed that he's been spending her money.

The newest episode of the show finds Shannon chasing behind Geno while dealing with life-threatening health problems. This is a sad situation for fans to watch but even more heartbreaking for those who love June.


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