Mama June Is 9 Months Sober -- Check Out Her New Smile After $700,000 Drug Binge Ruined Her Teeth

Mama June Is 9 Months Sober -- Check Out Her New Smile After $700,000 Drug Binge Ruined Her Teeth
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There was a time on Mama June: From Hot To Not , her daughters didn't know what state they would find her in after she went missing with her boyfriend Geno Doak multiple times. Now, the reality star is celebrating nearly a year of sobriety.

Mama June underwent an amazing transformation where she lost over 300 pounds and got a brand new smile. She admitted that the change was all too fast and she didn't know how to adjust to her new normal which included working out, a new diet, and a new boyfriend.

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It is believed that Geno Doak, her beau, is the reason that she turned to drugs but she revealed that she was an addict before. In addition to gaining a lot of her weight back, she has spent over $700,000 buying drugs and living out of hotels.


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In the process, she lost her home, custody of her daughter , and her new set of teeth.

Now that the mother is 9 months sober, she is working on getting healthier in a slow and steady process. She and Geno both recently got some major dental work done as seen on her Instagram.

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Additionally, the star went in-depth about getting and staying sober by having a support system five days ago.


'if you are struggling with yo addiction or you are thinking about relapsing or already have relapsed or just need someone to talk to because you're struggling with your sobriety with everything going on in the world my inbox on instagram is always open it may take me a minute to get back to you but I really enjoy giving back in my recovery and indulging in helping others that are struggling so it's kind of like I have my own alumni Instagram family which is really nice thank you for always and trusting me and sharing your stories and your life with me as I have enjoyed the last nine years sharing our life with y'all all the ups and downs.'


It's great to see that Mama June is on the right track.

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