Mama June Hates Sugar Bear More Than Anyone She's Ever Known

Mama June Hates Sugar Bear More Than Anyone She's Ever Known

Mama June is not a fan of her ex-husband Sugar Bear! In a new episode of Mama June: From Not Too Hot, June was real candid about how she feels about her ex.

She said, "I've never hated anybody as much as I hate him. I would love to call him out on his bulls--t. How like reality hit. I knew what I needed to do."

The reality star admitted she had to move on from him for her family to have a healthy lifestyle together. Mama June said she needed to forget about him and not just for herself but her kids as well.

Shortly after the Honey Boo Boo star got rid of him, he immediately moved on and married Jennifer Lamb which was a huge surprise to Mama June.

She said, "I was a little shocked because it was so quick. I know Sugar Bear can't be alone."

She recently claimed her ex-husband was physically and psychologically abusive. The reality star is worried more now for his new wife than she is for her former lover.

Rumors have been circulating that Sugar Bear was cheating on her, but he claimed nothing started until shortly after they broke up.
Mama June doesn't believe for a second he was faithful during their relationship.

When asked if he was committed, the star said "Hell no."

On The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week, she opened up about his 'real' personality. She said he has a rough side to his character, citing Pumpkin's bruised eye.

The reality star went on to say many things happened to Honey Boo Boo that was covered up by producers.


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