Mama June Claims She's 'Better Than Ever' Despite Worrisome Missing Tooth - Check Out The Clip!

Mama June Claims She's 'Better Than Ever' Despite Worrisome Missing Tooth - Check Out The Clip!
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Mama June’s fans have been really worried about her lately, especially because of her drug problem, arrest and finally, that concerning missing tooth! However, the reality TV star claims that she is doing better than ever!

Mama June took to her social media platform of choice to promote her new partnership with Cameo, letting her fans know that from now on, fans can buy all kinds of shoutouts from her.

She did this via a video that she posted on her IG account and in which her missing tooth was still visible.

The celeb also used this opportunity to give a little update in the opening of the promotional clip on how she has been doing and, according to her, she is great!

‘Hey y’all, what’s up? This is Mama June and I’m back, better than ever. Look, y’all, if you want to get a birthday shoutout or good wishes during this coronavirus pandemic bulls**t that we’re all in lockdown for…hit me up right here on cameo!’

She also promoted her new Cameo account in the post’s caption, writing: ‘Hey y’all have really enjoyed making these videos for y’all the last few days especially during this Coronavirus lockdown we pretty much have to look myself.’

It looks like Mama June has decided to also join the platform after her own daughter, 14 year old Honey Boo Boo, became quite a big deal on there.

As you might know, the site brings fans and their idols together, people being able to book video shoutouts from some of their favorite celebrities in exchange for a fee.

For instance, Mama June charges $25 for her Cameos, but the prices have a huge range depending on how in high demand the celebs are.

This is not the first time she promotes her account.

On April 4, she also posted on her IG that: ‘Just hit me up with the shoutouts y’all want me to do, and I’ll hit y’all back at my earliest convenience. I hope that y’all enjoy every shoutout I’m doing — thanks and love ya!’

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