Mama June Appears At Her Worst When Finally Meeting With Daughter -- Reveals Details About Her New Job

Mama June Appears At Her Worst When Finally Meeting With Daughter -- Reveals Details About Her New Job
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At the beginning of the season, fans of Mama June's From Hot To Not wondered how the show would have a full installment without its star. In the latest episode, Mama June made her first voluntary appearance to meet with her daughter.

The series that was originally centered around Mama June's weight loss and health journey has shifted to a different saddening dynamic. June is an addict on the run with her allegedly abusive boyfriend and has left her family in shambles.

In the currently airing episodes, her 19-year-old daughter, Pumpkin, is having to raise her teen sister along with her own child. Meanwhile, the sense of normalcy they've finally settled into was interrupted yet again when June called to tell them that they have bad people after them over money owed.

Pumpkin, along with her husband, has decided to relocate outside of the town they once called home, Shannon has paid off her debts, and Honey Boo Boo has accepted that she has to change schools.

Pumpkin gets ahold of her mom who has turned into a stranger and finally convinces her to meet. June agrees, and the producers go to pick her up -- sans Geno.

On their way to the production office where Pumpkin has chosen to have the meeting since she understandably doesn't want her mom to know her new address, viewers get to see where the reality star's mind is.

A disheveled looking June with teeth missing and messy hair is rambling on as if it's just another day.

She also talks about her new job which involves her picking up luggage from the airport.

'Say for instance you're at this airport right here. Say for instance all these b****** have been snowed in or whatever. And they come to, like, these hotels and they want to know, 'Where's my g***** luggage?' That's where the companies call us.'

Dr. Ish, who has been trying to help the family, has volunteered to screen June before she talks to Pumpkin. She tells him that she's been taking pain medicine and Xanax from time to time -- but nothing else.

The next episode will have the mother and daughter finally meet face to face.

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