Mama June And Geno Doak Allegedly Living Out Of Hotel Rooms In Alabama -- Geno's Criminal History Revealed

Mama June And Geno Doak Allegedly Living Out Of Hotel Rooms In Alabama -- Geno's Criminal History Revealed
Credit: Source: THG

Mama June is letting love blind her. According to the latest reports, the reality star and her troubled boyfriend are living out of Alabama hotel rooms since Geno Doak has been ordered to stay away from the mother.

June and Geno were arrested for the possession of crack cocaine and domestic violence after the police were called on them while they were having a domestic dispute. Witnesses claim that Doak was threatening to kill his girlfriend at a gas station.

Geno was court ordered to stay away from the 'From Not to Hot' star but clearly violated that order since they were spotted together at a casino shortly after their release.

Shannon tried to get the courts to allow Geno to be near her stating that he is a great help to her daily life due to the fact that she is legally blind in one eye. The request was to no avail.

Mama June's family wants her to kick the felon to the curb. The Hollywood Gossip revealed Doak's long criminal history dating back to 1996.

A portion of the report reads: "Court documents state that Doak entered a building with "intent to commit a theft" in February of 1996 He was arrested days later back then and charged with felony burglary, eventually pleading guilty to the burglary charge and being sentenced to three years in prison. In March 2009, Geno was taken into custody after he allegedly stole a $500 cargo trailer belonging to The Griffin First United Methodist Church in Griffin, Georgia."

It went on to say that Geno was also admitted to the hospital a decade ago for attempting to commit suicide for the third time. He was arrested many times after for theft charges.

June can't seem to quit Geno although it is very clear that they're in a toxic relationship.


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  • Sharona
    Sharona Apr 28, 2019 11:17 AM PDT

    June and Geno were fine until she started in on marriage and trying to force and even embarrass him into committing. What she did at Pumpkin's wedding was absolutely inappropriate. Sugarbear was there for the family and loved June. He wanted to marry her and be a family, and she treated him like crap. It now appears that in addition to her shady boyfriends, that she has a drug habit. Alana is a sweet child and needs positive guidance at her age. She's not getting it. Although I'm not crazy about Jennifer, she seems like a decent lady, and Alana would be in a more stable household with them. Pumpkin herself made the statement that,"There's two things that Mama won't leave on the table. One is food and the other is money." Sad.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Apr 26, 2019 7:38 PM PDT

    I really hope June realizes her worth I love the show but Geno needs to grow up and realize he has something good in front of him if he can't get on board love hurts. He needs to go.

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