Malika Haqq Is Getting Ready For Her Post Pregnancy Makeover

Malika Haqq Is Getting Ready For Her Post Pregnancy Makeover
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Malika Haqq seems to get ready to have a bit of work done. She told her fans that she's preparing to have a post-pregnancy makeover.

While her fans praised her decision and showed her support, a lot of haters bashed her for promoting such moves and pressuring new moms to have cosmetic interventions following their pregnancies.

It's been also revealed not too long ago that Wendy Williams came to Malika's defense when a lot of social media users slammed her for the plans mentioned above.

Wendy believes that it makes total sense that she is going for it and she believes people are just ‘jealous!’

Check out her pic with the doctor that she chose and that triggered so much hate from some people:

'Stopped by just to see my fav @drjasondiamond and I’m fully book for my post-pregnancy makeover. I can’t wait!' Malika captioned her post.

Someone said: 'At least you are honest! Mommy makeover ready 💯' and another follower had a hateful comment: 'Really...if you can’t accept the marks that come along with having a baby, then you shouldn’t be a mom.'

Someone else defended her and said: 'that has nothing to do with being a good mom lol.. stop it.. just like ppl will judge you for getting an epidural.. for not breastfeeding.. y’all need to leave ppl alone.'

One follower posted this: 'Dang have the baby first. Why do females think they need to look amazing right after giving birth? Beyond me. Vanity, I guess.'

Another fan came to Malika's defense: 'girl you don’t understand lol, clearly u don’t even know what she’s getting done, so kindly don’t talk to me until you know what I know about this stuff please, to you and some other guy, don’t speak on a topic you don’t know nothing about to somebody who’s studied and researched this exact topic for years. And what she’s doing I learned within days, but you learn details and tips and the different ways different doctors use over time.'

What do you think about Malika's plans?

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