Malaysia Pargo Angers Basketball Wives Fans After Saying Viewers Need To Move On With Their Lives

Malaysia Pargo Angers Basketball Wives Fans After Saying Viewers Need To Move On With Their Lives
Credit: Source: OK! Magazine

After what was the arguably most lackluster season of Basketball Wives ever, fans have been continuing to take their thoughts to social media. Malaysia Pargo wants viewers to move on with their lives because she claims the cast certainly has.

During the last installment of the show, Shaunie O'Neal, Evelyn Lozada, and Malaysia Pargo have all been accused of colorism concerning the treatment of OG Chijindu.

The former women's football player was heavily criticized by her castmates for being excessively verbally aggressive. She was also forced to tape separately during the BBW reunion show.

While in a heated social media debate with Lozada, Evelyn used a photo of an ape while dissing who was assumed to be OG.

Fans feel as though OG was treated differently because of the color of her skin considering Evelyn has a history of being physically violent and Malaysia even picked up a table to throw at Jennifer Williams last season.


Although all the episodes and the reunion aired weeks ago, people are still tweeting about it and Malaysia has had enough.

A Twitter user said: ' So we not gone discuss the missing parts of #bbwlareunion??? #BBWLA #BBWReunion #vh1 @ShaunieONeal @MalaysiaPargo @EvelynLozada'

To which the VH1 star responded with: 'PLEASE MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIVES. We all have! The season is OVER! Don’t have cable? Watching a link? BYE.'

She went on a rant that continued with: 'Some of you are way too invested in the lives of people you don’t know and will never meet. If you get nothing else in life, GET A GRIP. VERY weird, Chile...'

The season seemed to have mostly negative feedback and is now missing a key player in Tami Roman but Shaunie O'Neal claims that they have not been canceled and will be back for another round.

Will you watch a ninth season of basketball Wives?


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  • Kaybabe
    Kaybabe Nov 7, 2019 5:18 AM PST

    They wouldn't run up on OG, but will run up on everyone else 👀 But they say OG is aggressive and Crazy!! Seems to me they're Scared! They want people on the show they can beat up and bully🤔

  • B. E. Smith
    B. E. Smith Nov 6, 2019 5:20 PM PST

    Evelyn isnt racist. Sometime I think she forget she's Hispanic. U can speak of color and not be racist just because y r of another race. That Ms O.G. is something else. Ti me she's a sh.t stirrer, never could get into her. Always appeared rather common looking & acting. It doesn't have anything to do with her dark skin. She is just 1 to over do/over react to everything. I'm blk, but I see no prejudice at all in Evelyn. Aware she has dated numerous Blk athletes with money, but think if she were prejudice she would gave gone the other way. I think she has been around blks so long that she has picked up Lange & w/o thinking made a rash statement. Let it go.

  • Mz V
    Mz V Nov 6, 2019 12:05 PM PST

    I am SERIOUSLY trying to understand what this big deal about OG!?!?! Everyone's is talking about how bad she was done, WHEN? WHERE? All I heard was she was not invited to the last lunch, what actually was done to her? Can somebody tell me? Shaunie is the exact same person she's been since the beginning and nothing has changed. If you wanted to protest or make a stand for anyone it most definitely should NOT be og. The time to take a stand was when Reese was that SHE was the one that had everyone against her and had to fight these women. SERIOUSLY what happened to og????

  • Sylvia Morris Crawford
    Sylvia Morris Crawford Nov 6, 2019 12:02 PM PST

    Wow is She correct! Did that after I watched the half of the very first episode. Who would put their lives out like that?

    Anon HOUSTONI Nov 6, 2019 10:40 AM PST

    I will not be watching bbw this next season if VH1 and Shannis2face doesn't address the issues of colorism and racism on the show. It's unexceptionable to me. I have been the target of racial bais on the job and while I did win a lawsuit it took a toll on me and my family. I tried to figure out why the hate and it caused health issues. There I can't watch a show were an employee dishes out racism and the bosses basically condone and allow it. Shannir2face msg to audience and VH1 silence is just unexceptable. Shannir2face basically said it ok and she wouldn't embarrass her friend by calling her out publicly because they have been friends along time. That's her reason for allowing racist remarks to continue on something she is connected with, it ok for them to act out throwing tables, bottles, glasses and talking in a agrument taking off your earrings and shoes is just as bad as the comments OG had made, we all know that means you are ready to do harm. Shannir2face excuse for allowing their behavior and not speaking publicly on it they are friends is dumb and she looked and sounded dumb with her explanations, she came off as allowing colorism and it's ok they are my friends for a long time. It's as bad as when I took my complaints of racist remarks to the CEO of the company, I was told its what it is, his Grandma ran a bar in Boston and hate blacks but she knew it was good money so she endured them, wow ok, so he proved it was ok with him and it shouldn't bother me. Well that the same way I feel about Shannir2face excuse, it's ok because she is my friend. Get over it. So no I won't watch this upcoming season. I can't watch Evilyn, she is too much like the person who did it to me and the boss loved her too. So no

  • Steve Ware
    Steve Ware Nov 6, 2019 10:22 AM PST

    Why! Didn't fired Evelyn the snakeskin.

  • Dennis Grubbs
    Dennis Grubbs Nov 6, 2019 5:49 AM PST

    I wont be watching & my friends wont be watching either. They dog O.G. out. She made the show.

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