Mads Mikkelsen Talks Replacing Johnny Depp In 'Fantastic Beasts' - Has He Reached Out To Him?

Mads Mikkelsen Talks Replacing Johnny Depp In 'Fantastic Beasts' - Has He Reached Out To Him?
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During a new interview for AP Entertainment, Mads Mikkelsen opened up about taking over the role of Gellert Grindelwald in the ‘ Fantastic Beasts ’ saga after the very controversial firing of Johnny Depp ! Here's what he had to say!

Has the actor replacing Depp contacted him before getting the role or even after?

It turns out that Mikkelsen would have definitely done this courtesy if only he had Johnny's phone number!

During the chat, the Hannibal alum had only great things to say about the team he's now working with, gushing that 'They are fantastic, nice people. David [Yates, the director] is fantastic, super nice, a wonderful director. So, so far, it has been great.'

Mikkelsen was then asked if he'd gotten the change to talk to Johnny Depp as well, in order to discuss the role and maybe get advice on the portrayal or any kind of suggestions.

Mads admitted that 'No, I don’t know him,' before going in to recall that he's met Depp once.

He did express interest in reaching out to Johnny, saying that 'I wish I had his phone number, but unfortunately that is not the case.'

Discussing the process of making the character his while also not contrasting it to what Johnny Depp has already done with it, the actor argued that 'The only approach I can have is to connect the bridge between what he did and what I am going to do and then we will see what lands.'

This interview comes a couple of months after Johnny Depp took to his IG account to announce that Warner Bros. had asked him to quit the third instalment in the Fantastic Beasts series.

He complied but since then, his loyal supporters have been signing petitions and fighting for justice since all of this is a result of his legal battle with former wife Amber Heard.

As you remember, the actress accused Johnny of domestic abuse years ago only for undeniable proof to come out that he was the actual victim.


Despite this, Johnny Depp still lost the case against The Sun, a UK based publication that called him a 'wife-beater' with no proof.


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