Madonna's Latest Video Has Fans Saying That Her Booty Looks 'Botched' - Watch It Here

Madonna's Latest Video Has Fans Saying That Her Booty Looks 'Botched' - Watch It Here
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Madonna was recently on stage with her son, and The Shade Room shared the video with their followers. What people seemed to have noticed is her booty which looks plumper than usual. But, it's best to take a look at the clip for yourselves and see what we're talking about.

'Madonna & her son #Banda on the mic!! Sis has been doing her squats!!! ?' TSR wrote in their funny caption.

People were shocked to see the image of the singer's behind, and they have been aking all kinds of assumptions regarding what this could be.

Someone wrote 'Squats? Really? @theshaderoom y’all sooooooooooooô shady.'

Another follower said 'Sir Mix a lot missing out on some money... It's obvious that 'baby got back' needs a modern day twist... 'Baby got SHOTS' ???'

Someone else posted 'I hope that's a butt pad or a joke because those thighs do not match,' while one other person said that 'Dang that butt looks fake. Maybe its a pillow to go with the costume, see you at Botched soon.'

Madonna made headlines in December 2018 once again after she seemingly shaded Lady Gaga on social media. She accused her of having copied one of her catchphrases from back in the ‘80s.

It all started with Gaga’s press tours for her movie, 'A Star Is Born.' It looks like during her meetings with the press; she used one expression repeatedly:

'There can be a hundred people in a room, and 99 of them do not believe in you, but all it takes is just one, and it just changes your whole life.'

It seems that Madonna said the very same thing a few decades ago and the clips surfaced online.

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