Madonna Takes On FedEx When They Refuse To Believe Her Identity

Madonna Takes On FedEx When They Refuse To Believe Her Identity
Source: Madonna Instagram

Even celebrities have bad days over trifling issues that shouldn't be a problem. Take Madonna for instance. According to the pop star's recent social media posts, Madonna ran into a bit of trouble when FedEx refused to believe she was really Madonna and refused to give her a package. It wasn't until Madonna took the issue to the public that she was able to get a response. That's not saying much for their customer service.

Madonna shared a post on her official Instagram, explaining that she had been arguing with FedEx for a week, trying to get her package delivered. The photo showed Madonna in her kitchen, without the glamour and glitz the singer is known for, and looking very frustrated. She wore a pair of glasses, no makeup and was clearly over it.

According to Madonna's official Twitter account, she sent a tweet complaining about the situation and before long, a FedEx customer service representative replied to her. It seems no one would believe Madonna was who she claimed to be until she used her verified social media accounts to address the mistake.

A FedEx representative named Julie responded to Madonna's tweet and said she would like to help. He asked Madonna to direct message her address, phone numbers and tracking information. Madonna sent her private details to the customer service representative who then helped straighten out the issue.

The snafu took a bit of a comical turn as it's often rare to see celebrities online complaining about issues they're having that seem mundane.

You might think that Madonna has a team of people working for her to handle everyday issues such as mail and package deliveries, but it appears Madonna is in charge of the details of her life.

There was no one on the phone handling the issue for her, and there was no better hashtag to use for the scenario than the one she included in her InstaPost #b*%@#ImMadonna.

What do you think about the mishap? Do you find it surprising or even comical that someone as well-known and famous as Madonna can still have trouble getting FedEx to release a package to her?

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