Madonna Says She Lost Three Friends Including A Cousin In The Past 24 Hours During Coronavirus Pandemic

Madonna Says She Lost Three Friends Including A Cousin In The Past 24 Hours During Coronavirus Pandemic
Credit: Source: Madonna/Instagram

Madonna has shared a troubling video on her personal Instagram account, where she has 15 million followers. Many people aren't sure what to make of the video as Madonna is seen typing at a typewriter while wearing a pair of black, horned-rimmed glasses and she makes the startling announcement that she's lost three friends in the past 24 hours. Though she doesn't specifically say that her friends died due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it appears that is the reference. She began by captioning the video with "Quarantine diary #9" and she included a black heart emoji. At 61-years-old, it's hard to discern whether Madonna is creating a theatrical piece in order to make a statement or if she is using art as a method for expressing her grief.

Madonna stated that she was "Over it" and stated the following.

"We can't always have a good day. In fact, it's past midnight so we can technically kiss today good-bye. I didn't sleep last night — not one minute.

The burning spear makes its way into the core of me and slithers down my leg. I can concentrate on nothing except the idea of a fix, and I wonder what form that will take.  In the last 24 hours, my cousin has died, umm, my security guard's brother has died and Orlando Puerta, a very important person who played a very important role in my life in terms of getting my remixes to chart on the dance charts in a large part to Orlando's passion and commitment to my music. These three people, I have lost in the last 24 hours. It's having an effect on my mood. Let's just say today wasn't a good day — I'm over it."

You may see the video that Madonna shared below.

While it is unclear if the three people passed away due to the Coronavirus it seems that Madonna is expressing her grief and not just making some sort of statement.

She then spoke about one of her sons and said the following.

"If my son says I have a broken hip one more time, I might implode."

It's unclear why Madonna was referring to her son or which of her two sons she was speaking about.

What do you think about Madonna's video?

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