Madonna Says Instagram's New Terms And Conditions Are Terrifying

Madonna Says Instagram's New Terms And Conditions Are Terrifying
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Even though Madonna certainly loves to use Instagram, it's clear she has some gripes with it, at least from what can be seen from a recent post of hers. The star took to her IG account this week to say that the social sharing platform's new terms and conditions were "scary."

Madonna explained in her post how Instagram had unveiled a bunch of new conditions in their privacy policy and terms and conditions which would allow them to spy on their users, sell their data to whomever they wanted, and use it for other potentially invasive practices.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on the post from Madonna this week in which she accused Mark Zuckerberg of being behind the operations, saying how it would allow the government to monitor people through "all your devices," including people's televisions.

“This is some scary shit," Madonna wrote in her post. You can see what she had to say below:

Additionally, it has been speculated by other users that Instagram and Facebook have unveiled their new conditions as a way of punishing sex workers and holding them accountable to state and federal governments. This hasn't been confirmed by any sources.

Instagram and Facebook actually responded to the claims and said there were a lot of rumors and "confusion" surrounding their updated terms and conditions. Their policy toward sexual content hasn't changed in their new update, the company wrote.

In their statement to Mashable, the social sharing giants went on to say that the terms and conditions clarified how the application uses users' data for personalized advertisements, including a user's IP address. Madonna never talked more about the platform.

Earlier this year, the pop star was in the headlines again for her social media posts, however, not everyone enjoyed what she had to say. In fact, her close and personal friend of many years, Rosie O'Donnell, admitted that she thought Madonna's posts were a little weird and out of touch with the public, however, she did defend her.


Rosie argued that Madonna was an artist, and she needed an outlet of expression during a time when her only means of self-expression has been shut down.

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