Madonna Is ‘Proud Of Her Body’ At 60 Years Old Amid Rumors She Got Botched Plastic Surgery!

Madonna Is ‘Proud Of Her Body’ At 60 Years Old Amid Rumors She Got Botched Plastic Surgery!
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Madonna is 60 and very proud of it, and that includes the way her body looks at her age! Lately, the diva has been mocked and criticized online for supposedly getting huge butt implants, but she doesn’t seem bothered by the negativity thrown her way.

One insider report by HollywoodLife revealed how she allegedly feels about the booty enhancement rumors.

As you may know, the whole thing started when pictures and footage of Madonna on stage at New York City’s Stonewall Inn on New Year’s Eve surfaced.

In them, the star’s curves looked shockingly unnatural, hence the rumors that she went under the knife.

The source told the outlet that 'Madonna loves breaking down stereotypes. Hanging on to her sex appeal and proving she can still be a sex symbol in her 60’s is an act of feminism for her.’

Furthermore, the woman herself seemingly addressed the online uproar regarding her butt, saying in an Instagram post that she is ‘desperately seeking no one’s approval.’

As it turns out, it wasn't just a front as the source says she feels the same way in her private day to day life as well.

‘She’s kicking down all the walls the way she’s always done her whole career. People can talk all they want, but she is very proud of herself and her hot body. She is in better shape than most of the women half her age, and she has no plans to slow down.’

It sounds like the superstar is very happy in her skin and with her age and does not let anyone or anything ruin her confidence for her.

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  • Jennifer Bowhay
    Jennifer Bowhay Jan 5, 2019 6:59 PM PST

    She ruined her awesome body Too bad Fit and Sexy means a tight everything Especially your bum

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