Madonna Covers Vanity Fair Italia — Says Rejection Is What Makes You Grow

Madonna Covers Vanity Fair Italia — Says Rejection Is What Makes You Grow
Credit: Source: Madonna/Instagram

Madonna is having a busy month this year! After releasing her new album Madame X and the success of her single "God Control", Madonna is the cover for the July 2019 issue of Vanity Fair Italia. With an incredibly beautiful and sublime cover, Madonna is age-defying and shows that she is still the queen of the industry. In a series of interview videos with Simone Marchetti, Vanity Fair Italia's editor-in-chief, Madonna opened up about her career and how she managed to stay true to herself saying that it was rejection that made her grow.

Luigi and Iango shot the photos and Madonna looked gorgeous in each and every picture. She's getting plenty of praise for her stance against gun violence with her new song "God Control" that has gone viral.  Luigi and Iango congratulated Madonna on their official Instagram page for all of her accomplishments and for continuing to be an inspiration to many. It's hard to believe that Madonna is 60-years-old and will turn 61 on August 16.

Madonna looked gorgeous on the cover decked out in jewels and wearing bright, red lipstick. Her blue eyes were made up perfectly and the cover photo has gone viral.

Simone Marchetti shared multiple videos of his interview with Madonna on his official Instagram account as well as the cover photos featuring Madonna. You may see that photo below.

You can see multiple videos from the interviews Madonna did with Simone Marchetti on his official Instagram page. Here is one of the videos where Madonna delved into the determination that pushed her to achieve new heights on her own terms throughout her career.

"Rejection is what makes you grow. Resistance... being told no, having doors stand in your face is what makes you push back and say I will, I can, I’ll show you” @Madonna rules. Ever. And forever. Only on @vanityfairitalia from Wednesday 19th July in the newsstands. And soon online on TAG A FRIEND who is a beautiful outsider #teammadonna #teamvanity."

Have you heard Madonna's new single "God Control"? Did you listen to Madame X?

What do you think of Madonna covering Vanity Fair Italia and her interview?

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