Madonna Addresses The Plastic Surgery Rumors After Getting Shamed!

Madonna Addresses The Plastic Surgery Rumors After Getting Shamed!
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Madonna was the target of body-shamers after she rocked what seemed to be a new and much bigger booty. However, now, the superstar is both addressing the speculations that she got plastic surgery to look like that and also inspiring people to be themselves and not care about others’ ‘approval.’

Earlier today, Madonna posted a pic of herself, and in the caption, she made it very clear that she is ‘desperately seeking no one’s approval.’

Although she did not directly mention the butt implants rumors, it does sound like this is what she was referring to.

It all started when the diva showed up on stage at New York City’s Stonewall Inn on NYE, and her behind looked just like Kim Kardashian’s!

Furthermore, a video of her performance there became viral, causing many people to see it and give their opinion on it!

That being said, a lot of users were sure Madonna had gotten implants and judged her for it, since it looked kind of botched.

But instead of simply confirming or denying the rumors, Madonna chose to send a message that no one dictates how her body should look like.

‘Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else,’ she also wrote in the caption.

The performer’s fans definitely loved what she had to say, some commenting ‘True.. why do we care about someone’s butt really ?,’ and ‘I don’t care for all the surgeries myself but it’s not my life and not my body.’

But even though Madonna did not tell the public if she did get her body altered or not, Dr. Anthony Youn talked to HollywoodLife, stating that ‘mostly likely this massive change is due to buttock inserts in her pants, but if that is not the case, then a set of buttock implants appears to be the next most likely explanation.’

Since there is just so much volume, the specialist ruled out injections.

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