Madison Beer Responds To Backlash Over Complaining About Being Too 'Pretty' Amid A National Tragedy!

Madison Beer Responds To Backlash Over Complaining About Being Too 'Pretty' Amid A National Tragedy!
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The singer thought she was just opening up about her personal struggles but people did not appreciate her complaining when it was basically all about being too pretty! That being said, after backlash, Madison Beer took to her platform to apologize.

Not to mention that her emotional live session came amid outrage over an actual national tragedy – the unfair and untimely death of George Floyd!

The live video was broadcasted on TikTok and it was in response to a troll calling her out for supposedly setting ‘unrealistic beauty standards’ for her fans.

Madison, therefore, thought it was only right to set the record straight on speculations that she’s had plastic surgery and now, she is defending that decision.

During the live, she mentioned that all that she’s ever done to her face was lip injections, something she apparently hated!

‘This is literally my f***ing natural face... I'm about to start crying, bro,’ she complained about the criticism.

Unfortunately for the singer, her passionate response only got her more hate since the timing was really bad.

A lot of people on social media thought it was ridiculous that she would complain about being called pretty by others when someone had just been killed by the police, causing a national outcry!

On her Twitter, Madison later addressed the whole controversy, stressing that she never had the intention to overshadow the real issue at hand.

‘I just want to briefly address this bc this is upsetting and untrue. me addressing rumors and hate when i did was poor timing and i apologize. i saw a video of someone claiming i give people eating disorders which triggered and upset me a lot—bc that is not something i take lightly,’ she explained in a tweet.

‘In no world was what i was upset about in the same STRATOSPHERE as ANYTHING going on, but as someone who's struggled with my relationship with food for years, i saw a video and acted in a moment of hurt and went live. i was in no way trying to negate or compare to what is going on,’ she went on to say in a second post.

Finally, she stressed that she definitely stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and is going to do whatever she can to help make the injustice stop.

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