Maddie Brown Brush Shares Details About Her Toddler's Amputation Procedure And Posts Pic!

Maddie Brown Brush Shares Details About Her Toddler's Amputation Procedure And Posts Pic!
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Maddie Brown Brush took to social media to update her followers on the state of her one year old daughter, Evangalynn, after the toddler went through surgery. That being said, it looks like she had to get one of her feet amputated and she got her hand operated on as well to get rid of some of the webbing on it.

But fortunately, the loving mom told her fans that her daughter is ‘recovering beautifully.’

Maddie Brown Brush from Sister Wives, posted a pic of the 1 year old with her leg and hand bandaged and revealed that for her first birthday, the little girl had received some amazing presents!

The mom explained that the ’surgeon laid the groundwork for her brand new foot and mobility it'll bring, by way of a boyd amputation. Another [surgery] gave her some extra mobility in her hand, by clipping her webbing she had in her right hand. She is home and is recovering beautifully.’

In case you did not know what a boyd amputation is, defines it as a procedure that ‘provides a more solid stump because it preserves the function of the plantar heel pad.’

In other words, her baby girl will have a more stable surface to stand on when she gets fitted for a prosthetic foot.

That means that she will manage to grow up just like any other kid out there, being able to do what everyone else can do as well.

These improvements to her lifestyle and health come after Maddie, and her husband, Caleb Brush, explained back in October, that their daughter was unfortunately born with a number of different health problems including tibial campomelia, fibular aplasia, and oligosyndactyly (FATCO) syndrome.

The latter from the list means that she has a rare syndrome that causes the bones in extremities to not develop fully while in the womb.

In her case, she was born without her calf bone, a toe and three fingers!


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