Mackenzie McKee's Vow Renewal Postponed - Here's Why!

Mackenzie McKee's Vow Renewal Postponed - Here's Why!
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As fans of Teen Mom may know, Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh were supposed to have a vow renewal. However, as it turns out, their plans did not end up happening since they clashed with something else in her life.

That being said, during an interview for HollywoodLife, the reality TV star not only explained what happened but she also revealed what their plans for the future are.

This comes just as, earlier this month, Josh’s sweet second proposal aired on Teen Mom, so, naturally, the viewers are wondering why the vow renewal has not taken place yet.

After all, that episode was actually filmed back in October, on her birthday!

Mackenzie explained that ‘We bought a venue and spent the money, but the date ended up being the day of my mom’s funeral. So I haven’t mentioned it to [Josh] since.’

Sadly, Mackenzie’s mother Angie has lost her long battle with cancer, passing away back in December.

Naturally, the mourning daughter’s other plans were postponed indefinitely, especially the vow renewal since it was scheduled for the same day Angie was buried.

Mackenzie does have an image in her head of what the ceremony should look like and where it should take place.

She dished that after the quarantine is finally lifted, ‘I just want to go somewhere nice, tropical, and do it just the two of us. He wants to have maybe just a small backyard ceremony. But I’m trying to gather myself first.’

Mackenzie and Josh’s relationship has been through serious ups and downs!

Just before he decided to re-propose, Mackenzie had sent him divorce papers which he refused to sign.

This situation was sparked by the man’s betrayal, as he’d previously admitted to getting 'inappropriate' with another woman during a work trip while they were both at a bar.


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