Mackenzie McKee Drags Her Husband Josh A Day After Announcing Split - He's A ‘Horrible Person’

Mackenzie McKee Drags Her Husband Josh A Day After Announcing Split - He's A ‘Horrible Person’
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After confirming that she and her husband Josh are over, Mackenzie McKee opened up about their failed relationship, dragging him like never before! The Teen Mom star called him a ‘horrible person.’

According to her, the now-ex is ‘not a good man’ and she ‘deserve[s] better!’

The shade throwing comes only a day after McKee announced their split so it did not take her too long to drag Josh.

While chatting with US Magazine the woman said: ‘Turns out, Josh is not a good man whatsoever. Watching the show and so, catching him in lies, seeing how independent he really is, I realize that I deserve better I've fought for this marriage for years, and lately, I have really opened my eyes to what a horrible person he is.’

The former couple share three kids, and they tied the knot in 2013.

Just yesterday, Mackenzie took to her Twitter account to announce that their six years long marriage was over.

‘However I would like to say, that due to stress, needing to stay focused, the media, etc. I'm deciding my marriage needs a break. My heart breaks for our kids. But as of right now, this is what is best. Thank you,’ she wrote.

Some of the fans were definitely surprised, someone commenting that they ‘seemed solid.’

‘We were. We were truly best friends. It’s all just devastating,’ she replied.

‘We all have a person we will always have feelings for even after everything. It’s so damn weird. It is always something so simple that makes all the memories flood back into your mind. Love's a crazy thing. Love is just stupid.' a second commenter added and the Teen Mom star totally agreed, adding that love is 'stupid.'

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