Mackenzie McKee Confirms She And Husband Josh Are Over - ‘My Heart Breaks For My Kids’

Mackenzie McKee Confirms She And Husband Josh Are Over - ‘My Heart Breaks For My Kids’
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Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee released two statements in which she revealed that she is now single! The announcement that she and her husband Josh are over comes after the August 5 episode in which fans saw her being worried that he may have been cheating!

It also came only a day before their sixth wedding anniversary!

The reality TV celeb tweeted earlier today: ‘However I would like to say, that due to stress, me needing to remain focused, the media, etc. I'm deciding my marriage needs a break. My heart breaks for my kids. But as of now, this is what is best. Thank you 💗.’

In a separate announcement on her IG account, Mackenzie sounded way more optimistic, however.

She posted a selfie in which her wedding ring was still on but explained that the sole reason for that was that the pic was older.

In the caption, she wrote: ‘Freshly single and ready to just be the boss babe that I am and to let God lead me to what i deserve.’

As fans know, Mackenzie and Josh share three kids together – 7-year-old Gannon, 5-year-old Jaxie Taylor and 3-year-old Broncs. They tied the knot back in 2013.

Before she shared the news of their separation, Mackenzie was also shown confronting Josh over suspicions that he betrayed her on the August 5 episode of Teen Mom.

During a work-related trip, Josh’s married pal brought a woman to his hotel room.

This is what the friend’s wife told Mackenzie via a text message.

While she had no proof Josh cheated as well, the whole thing led to a big confrontation, despite starting the season with a marriage that was ‘rock solid.’

Josh confessed he went to a bar with his cheater buddy without Mackenzie’s prior knowledge.

‘I’m just here to tell you I was at a bar, and I would like you to trust me when I am getting a few drinks at a bar…I was avoiding the fight, and I was wrong,’ he told her during the episode but could not promise it would not happen again.

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