Mackenzie McKee And Her Former Husband Kiss Only Months After Their Ugly Split!

Mackenzie McKee And Her Former Husband Kiss Only Months After Their Ugly Split!
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Only two months after breaking up, Mackenzie McKee and her former husband posed while smooching! The Teen Mom star took to her platform of choice to share a pic in which she and Josh were kissing and told the world that they are ‘best friends.’

While things were pretty ugly when they ended, it appears that nowadays, the two are really close again!

Mackenzie posted two pics on her IG account that featured her and ex-husband Josh getting cozy.

Her followers were surprised and a lot of them complimented her on being able to be so forgiving and friendly.

One of the snaps shows the reality TV star kissing her former life partner’s cheek while he’s keeping an arm around her and smiling.

As for the second, the woman is shown smiling and looking at Josh, one hand on his shoulder.

‘Best friends forever,’ she wrote in the caption.

This is definitely surprising given the fact that, in the past, she even called him a ‘horrible person!’

As a result, seeing how friendly they are nowadays, a lot of fans complimented her on that decision, commenting things like: ‘I think this is amazing! If y’all can work it out great and if not great. All the kids need is for y’all to be ok.’ / ‘I love this so much!’ / ‘Only you can know what is best for you and your family. Keep doing you momma.’ / ‘You’re doing a fabulous job. Don’t listen to all these haters. You’re showing your children that when something is broke you work on fixing it, you don’t just replace it. You’re beautiful, you’re brave, you’re loved.’

The exes have been over since August.

They previously got married back in 2013 and are the co-parents of three children.


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