Maci Bookout’s Close Pals React To Her Pregnancy Rumor

Maci Bookout’s Close Pals React To Her Pregnancy Rumor
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Maci Bookout sparked rumors that she is expecting again with a seemingly poorly photoshopped picture. Fans are now convinced a baby bump has been removed from the Halloween snap , the Teen Mom star trying to keep her pregnancy under wraps.

But how did her close pals react to the speculations? Do they know something we don’t?

One source claims her friends are also going insane trying to figure out if the reality star is pregnant for the fourth time or not – just like her followers!

One Teen Mom insider told HollywoodLife that ‘If Maci is pregnant then she’s keeping it a really tightly guarded secret from everybody. There is not even been a whisper of pregnancy talk from Maci or Taylor, so I'd be seriously shocked if she was. All of the speculation seems to have started back in August when she just wore a baggy top, and then was re-ignited again now after she posted that Halloween photo—and it’s just that, speculation.’

Sadly, there is also a possible not so happy reason why she may have edited the photo – because she’s self-conscious about her body shape!

‘Maci is like a lot of moms, she sometimes just feels self-conscious about her tummy area, she has had three kids, and it is not as taut as she might like to be, so some days she wears baggy clothes, or she might tweak a photo if she does not like how she looks in it. But yeah, that is about it, as far as Maci’s friends know, there is no new baby on the way!’

Maci is already a mother of three so if she really is expecting, she’d definitely have her hands full.

But the celeb really loves motherhood and often shows off her offspring on social media so it wouldn’t be too bad if a fourth addition to the family was on its way.

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