Maci Bookout Poorly Photoshops 'Baby Bump' Out Of Picture Amid Pregnancy Rumors!

Maci Bookout Poorly Photoshops 'Baby Bump' Out Of Picture Amid Pregnancy Rumors!
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It looks like fans might have discovered Maci Bookout’s secret! But given her very poor photoshopping skills, it’s no wonder!

The Teen Mom star took to social media to share a super adorable Halloween pic of her and her family dressed up as Scooby-Doo characters.

But at a closer glance, it became obvious that the star had attempted (poorly) to get rid of something from the snap.

Could it be a baby bump? Fans definitely think so!

Her followers were quick to notice that her oldest son, ten-year-old Bentley’s elbow looked really warped towards her body, exactly where the bump should be!

‘So no one's gonna talk about how bentley's elbow is magically huge right next to maci’s stomach? lol congrats on the new addition ?,’ one user commented.

‘Looks like she may be preggo, look at Bentley’s elbow, stretched from Photoshop??’ another noticed.

But the elbow was not the only clue as the cardboard sign on a golf cart reading ‘Mystery Machine’ also seemed very unnaturally shaped.

‘Not trying to fuel the rumors or anything, but i'm really hoping this picture' edited (Bentley's elbow and the corner of the mystery machine [sign]) to hide a baby bump because that child would have the best family,’ another commenter said.

The pregnancy rumors started back in August but the woman revealed while on the Coffee and Convos podcast that while she and her hubby Taylor want to add to their family, they are actually planning on adopting a ‘child’ not a baby.

In September, she insisted during an interview for Us Weekly that ‘We are definitely still wanting to adopt. We do not really have, like, a time frame or, like, an exact answer. I feel like when we know to start the process, we will start it, but for now, we are happy with where we’re at.’

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