Machine Gun Kelly Stars In Project Power Only To Get Killed In A Bathtub Again!

Machine Gun Kelly Stars In Project Power Only To Get Killed In A Bathtub Again!
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Reportedly, Machine Gun Kelly , also known as Colson Baker, will appear alongside Jamie Foxx in the new production, Project Power , from Netflix. Baker's most recent project comes after the release of his Megan-Fox-starring music video, "Bloody Valentine."

In a new interview, Colson joked that he "can't catch a break in a bathtub" in reference to the scene in his video where Megan drops a hairdryer into the water with him. MGK joked that one was by his girlfriend, and the other was from Jamie Foxx, so it could be a lot worse.

Reportedly, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman asked Baker to be in Project Power after he appeared in their last two works, Viral and Nerve . The two filmmakers reportedly asked the rapper-turned-actor if he wanted to travel down to New Orleans to star as a low-level drug dealer.

USA Today claims the film, Project Power , is about a mysterious drug that unleashes superpowers on to the people who take it. Colson Baker's character, Newt, is able to use fire as a weapon, however, the caveat is that it destroys his body in the process.

According to USA Today, the scene in which his body becomes charred after taking the four pills required extensive prosthetics all over his body. In fact, the outlet claims his body was 95% covered with prosthetics.

Joost said to reporters that Colson only found out in the middle of production that he was going to have to sit through five hours of special effects makeup every morning. Moreover, Colson would also have to deal with Jamie waterboarding him in a bathtub.

Schulman joked that Machine Gun Kelly was the "rap devil" after all because he's more than comfortable with extreme temperatures. Obviously, Schulman was alluding to the rapper's song in which he put Eminem on blast.

It was easily the most controversial hip-hop feud in recent memory, and it dominated the headlines for several weeks, with fans eager to hear Eminem's response. Not long after, MGK dropped the EP, Binge, which was widely hated by critics.

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