Machine Gun Kelly Spotted With Pete Davidson After Flying To New York To Check On Him

Machine Gun Kelly Spotted With Pete Davidson After Flying To New York To Check On Him
Credit: Source: E! News

Pete Davidson scared millions of people when he posted a suicidal message to Instagram. His best friend, Machine Gun Kelly, and Ariana Grande were two of the first to try to get to his side.

Ariana Grande tweeted that she was downstairs at the 30 Rock building where "Saturday Night Live" tapes and Pete was located at the current time. Meanwhile, the rapper was in a different state but tweeted that he was on his way to see his friend.

Luckily, NYPD performed a welfare check and verified that Davidson was indeed on set and doing fine.

After a brief moment introducing Miley Cyrus for her "SNL" performance, the 25-year-old left the building where he met up with Machine Gun Kelly and two other women. Paparazzi captured the moment where Pete got out of their ride in order to hug MGK goodbye as he dropped him off to his hotel.

Davidson's cry for help opened up a much bigger conversation concerning mental health and how people should respond to those who are showing suicidal signs.

Nicki Minaj was one of the first to speak out when she asked people to send him love.

""We can be so insensitive. God bless Kanye & Pete. Being flippant about mental illness speaks more about you than them. Stop saying the word love & live it. Love is an action."

Jada Pinkett Smith tweeted: "Pete Davidson ... hang in there. There is a lot of help out here. Surrender to some love some where around you ... today! Right now! And then ... let in the help that will become available. I’m praying for you Pete. I’ve been there. It gets better."

Taraji P Henson chimed in with: "PETE I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE NEEDED AND YOUR LIFE MATTERS SWEETHEART!!!! I know it is and can be hard but WE NEED YOU BABY!"

It seems like Pete has great support on his end. Hopefully, he is getting the help he needs.


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