Machine Gun Kelly Says His Mouth "Is Too Honest" As Reports Indicate He'll Play Motley Crue's Tommy Lee

Machine Gun Kelly Says His Mouth "Is Too Honest" As Reports Indicate He'll Play Motley Crue's Tommy Lee
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Machine Gun Kelly, or Richard Colson Baker, has been making waves in the rap game in the last few years. However, recently, his reputation was called into question due to the Eminem beef that made headlines during the summer months last year.

As it was previously reported, Machine Gun Kelly released a diss-track on Eminem called "Rap Devil," in which he took aim at the legendary MC. Shortly after, MGK released a much-derided EP called Binge , which flopped both commercially and critically.

Rumor has it that MGK has begun stepping away from the rap game with intentions of getting into acting instead. "I didn't come in to be a sidekick. I came in to be a box office-selling, culture-changing movie star," MGK explained.

In case you missed it, MGK appeared in the Showtime production, Roadies, as well as Nerve, in addition to the recently released thriller on Netflix, Birdbox, starring Sandra Bullock.

Reportedly, the rapper has several more movies on the way as well. Releasing on Friday, Baker plays a Chicago criminal resisting an alien invasion in the new film, Captive State , as well as the drummer Tommy Lee, in the Netflix biopic based on Motley Crue's memoir, The Dirt.

Moreover, MGK will co-star alongside his best friend, the Saturday Night Live star, Pete Davidson. Baker told reporters that Tommy Lee was the first time he really to become an entirely different person as an actor, and he's excited for more dynamic roles in the future.

He has another movie coming out co-starring alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Foxx. The 28-year-old had to take time off from rapping to work on his acting career.

As it was noted above, while it looks like Baker's career is blowing up in a big way, some on social media believe he's merely strategically stepping away from the rap game after facing off against Eminem in a brief rap feud online. However, that doesn't make a lot of sense, considering casting for the movies on which he has worked were done years before his beef with Eminem.

For several days, MGK was #1 on YouTube Trending with "Rap Devil," however, Eminem's "Killshot," was equally as viral around 2 weeks later. But following the release of MGK's EP, Binge , it looked like his reputation in the hip-hop community forever changed.

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