Machine Gun Kelly Reportedly Is Making Enemies In His Neighborhood

Machine Gun Kelly Reportedly Is Making Enemies In His Neighborhood
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According to Hot New Hip Hop, Machine Gun Kelly isn't that popular in his neighborhood. During a new episode of Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis, the host insinuated that the rapper's behavior in the area has become increasingly ridiculous and inappropriate.

Jeff Lewis, on the podcast, claimed Colson was "across the street" from him, and while he doesn't have any problem with Machine Gun Kelly, there is a "tension brewing." He added that Colson said to him that he was going to turn the neighborhood into the movie, Neighbors , starring Zac Efron.

Lewis joked that if Colson Baker was Zac Efron, that means he's Seth Rogen. According to Jeff, MGK recently celebrated his 30th birthday in the neighborhood and the rapper had a big cake in the shape of an electric guitar.

Lewis said that many of the guests at the party were parked in other people's driveways and in front of fire hydrants, clearly disobeying the laws set by the municipality. Lewis went on to say that he thinks many of his friends are just so "f*cked up" that they park the car wherever they feel like it.

They just coast it into a spot and decide it's good enough where it is. According to Jeff, his neighbors all hate MGK and have frequently complained about the rapper. Whenever the police show up or whenever a car gets towed, they always assume it's him who called the police, but it isn't.

Reportedly, Machine Gun Kelly took the opportunity to give Jeff Lewis a token of his appreciation - and possibly his remorse. MGK heard the complaints and chose to send Jeff a fancy bottle of booze.

MGK said that he was sure there was a lot of noise coming from his house, and just so they have a mutual understanding, the gift of alcohol was just a way of clearing the air.

In other news, the rapper - who famously feuded with Eminem two years ago - announced he would pay for lunchtime meals at 12 different diners around Cleveland. Moreover, he announced a 40,000 meal donation to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank as well.

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