Machine Gun Kelly Offers Unsettling Update On Pete Davidson

Machine Gun Kelly Offers Unsettling Update On Pete Davidson
Credit: Source: Complex

Machine Gun Kelly was one of the first people to attempt to check on Pete Davidson after he posted what seemed to be a suicide note to social media. The rapper kept his word about flying to New York to spend time with the "Saturday Night Live" personality and he offered an unsettling update on his friend.

Photos taken by paparazzi showed Pete and MGK embracing each other while the actor dropped his friend off to the hotel he's staying at. Authorities had already confirmed that Davidson was marked safe in a wellness check performed at 30 Rock.

However, MGK was stopped by TMZ who asked him how the 25-year-old was doing at the time. The "Wild Boy" rapper tried to stay silent as he signed autographs from overzealous fans.

The persistent reporter asked again to which he finally replied: "It's a weird time."

He was then rushed away by his rep who didn't want him to say anything else.

Davidson has been very open about his struggle with BPD. The mental disorder causes those who suffer from it to go from extreme highs to extreme lows in the mater of minutes even when treated with medicine.

The executive producer of "SNL" allegedly cut skits short that Pete was written into and told him to seek help.

Ariana Grande physically showed up to see her ex after the alarming incident and was turned away.

Sources say that it was too hard for Pete to see her .

"Pete didn’t want to see Ariana because he knew it was going to bring back so many emotions that he didn’t want to deal with. Although Pete knows Ariana was trying to be supportive, he obviously was not in a good place emotionally, and felt that seeing her would have been too painful for him at that point."


It's understandable why Davidson wants to keep his distance. Hopefully, MGK will continue to support his friend in this incredibly trying time.

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