Machine Gun Kelly Donates 40,000 Meals To Cleveland Food Bank And Pays For Lunch At 12 Diners

Machine Gun Kelly Donates 40,000 Meals To Cleveland Food Bank And Pays For Lunch At 12 Diners
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Machine Gun Kelly, née Colson Baker, announced a hefty donation earlier this week when he revealed that he'd pay the bill for lunch at 12 different diners in Cleveland. The rapper-turned-actor paid for lunch at the diners listed below on the 1st of May, Friday.

Reportedly, Machine Gun Kelly agreed to pay for meals at the following locations: Town Hall, Barley House, Sub City (three locations), Sauce the City, Sauce BSE, Primoz Pizza (two locations), Jewellz Fine Dining, Black Box Fix, and B&M Barbecue.

Moreover, Mr. Baker, the Dirt alum, also donated 40,000 meals to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. In a statement this week, Machine Gun Kelly said it was crucial for everyone to come together during the coronavirus pandemic and help out.

He added, "stay safe and healthy," after claiming that he and his team wanted to support the city and their businesses. On Thursday, Kelly revealed the donation on his Instagram, stating that he was paying for lunches from any of the aforementioned restaurants.

Machine Gun Kelly isn't the only celebrity to donate meals to various charities. Another rapper to do the same is Cardi B, who announced she'd donate 20,000 vegan meal replacement drinks to New York hospitals.

This comes around the same time as the release of Machine Gun Kelly's new single, "My Bloody Valentine," from his project with the Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker. In the past, Machine Gun Kelly revealed the new record would be in the pop-punk genre, which has picked up in popularity over the last few years.

Before the upcoming release of Tickets to My Downfall, Machine Gun Kelly also dropped an EP titled, Binge, which was critically panned for a number of reasons, but mostly due to its association with his highly publicized feud with rapper, Eminem.

Back in 2018, Machine Gun Kelly dropped the song, "Rap Devil," which was a diss-track on Eminem. Not long after, Eminem released a single called "Killshot" which was widely hailed as a superior song, especially for the way in which the beat used a reverse-playback version of "Rap Devil."

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