Machine Gun Kelly Approves Of BFF Pete Davidson's Romance With Kate Beckinsale

Machine Gun Kelly Approves Of BFF Pete Davidson's Romance With Kate Beckinsale
Credit: Source: Complex

MGK and Pete Davidson are two peas in a pod. The comedian's BFF is letting the world know that he approves of Pete's latest choice of love interest.

TMZ caught up with Halsey's ex-boyfriend and asked what he thought about the new romance between Kate Beckinsale and the 'SNL' actor.

"I love that s***...that s***'s tight."

He added that it only took him about 15 seconds to figure her intentions with Pete out and he co-signed her as 'great.'

This comes after Beckinsale's ex-boyfriend (who is also around two decades younger than her) told Pete to 'run' and 'be careful.'

When asked by TMZ about his and Kate's dating history, 23-year-old Matt Rife said: "We dated for a year and it was complicated, for sure, a lot of ups and downs but she's moved on and I'm happy and I' hoping they're getting out of it what they [want]. Run....enjoy it while you can. I hope they're both happy I hope they can build to where it's an established good relationship. Just be careful."

As far as whether he would be interested in reconciling things with the actress, Rife responded with a hard no.

The rapper and actor have one thing in common: they love older women. Earlier this year MGK was spotted flirting with hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

An eyewitness revealed that the potential couple was really into each other at a Tings Magazine event.

"They met at the event and it was a small group of people but there was instant chemistry between the two of them. They were talking almost the whole night and all smiles and he seemed into her. He has a presence to him and a small group including the two of them went out afterwards."

Paris even uploaded a photo that featured her and MGK in a flirty embrace. Do you think Kate and Pete will last?


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