Machine Gun Kelly And Jeff Lewis Finally End Their Beef

Machine Gun Kelly And Jeff Lewis Finally End Their Beef
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If you've been following Machine Gun Kelly at all, you'd know that he and his neighbor, Jeff Lewis, haven't been on the greatest terms lately. Apparently, MGK has been busy throwing parties in the neighborhood and not all of his neighbors are happy about it.

MGJ just had his 30th birthday, and Jeff Lewis commented on the birthday bash on his radio show. Page Six and other outlets picked up on the story earlier this week in which Jeff poked fun at some of MGK's guests, including those among them who parked their cars in other people's driveways and in front of fire hydrants.

Reportedly, MGK took to his IG earlier this week to say that he wished they had a "chance to meet." MGK referred to himself as the "new guy on the block," suggesting Colson Baker is brand new to the area.

You can check out his post below:

Baker, who famously feuded with Eminem, told him that he was hoping they could come to a mutual understanding over the next weeks and urged him to come over if he ever needed anything. Lewis got wind of his message.

MGK sent him a bottle of fancy liquor and Jeff thanked him while at the same time including the line, "I accept. Now please move your car." It looks like Mr. Lewis is still perturbed by MGK's behavior, but regardless, they appear to be making progress.

In case you missed it, at one point in time, the feud was getting ugly. MGK, during an appearence on Lala Kent's podcast, Give Them Lala....with Randall , he joked that he was going to turn the neighborhood into the movie with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, Neighbors, in which Zac and his friends terrorize their new neighbors.

Moreover, Lewis said he never actually had any problems with Machine Gun Kelly, however, some of his friends clearly don't understand the rules of the block.

He said many of the occupants there don't like the rapper's behavior, and they've all been complaining to him about it.

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