Lynn Cohen From Sex And The City Dies At 86

Lynn Cohen From Sex And The City Dies At 86
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Lynn Cohen, one of the characters in the popular television show, Sex and The City, died at the age of 86 this week, a report from Variety claimed. Cohen is most known for her portrayal of Magda in the aforementioned series, and she died this Friday.

Magda was in the series in several episodes as Cynthia Nixon's housekeeper as well as her nanny, and she also appeared in the film adaptations of the show as well. Back in 2018, the star spoke with reporters from Cosmopolitan about her role in the popular series.

According to Lynn Cohen, her portrayal of the character was important because it "showed a woman of a different age who was smart as the devil." The star claimed that it also showed a number of different things as well, including her understanding of sexuality, which the characters of the show needed.

According to Variety, Cohen found work in a number of other productions, including Munich from Steven Spielberg, as well as Mags in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Additionally, the star found employment in big movies like Eagle Eye, and Across the Universe, among others.

She appeared in Manhattan Murder Mystery, I Shot Andy Warhol, Walking And Talking, and The Station Agen t. Her appearances extended beyond films, including Law and Order, The Affair, Master Of None, Nurse Jackie, and Damages.

Furthermore, she worked on Broadway in plays such as Ivanov and Orpheus Descending . Interestingly, Lynn started working in film and television when she was already in her 60s after a long time working on Broadway.

In addition to her recurring character in the popular Sex and the City franchise, Cohen found work in Law and Order as the judge, Elizabeth Mizener, many times.

Born in Kansas City as Lynn Harriette Kay, Lynn Cohen later changed her name to coincide with her work in the entertainment industry. She was Jewish. Since she passed away, some of her cast members and co-stars shouted out to the longtime film and television star.

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