LVP Fed Up With Jax Taylor's Nasty Attitude -- Will She Give Him The Boot From 'Vanderpump Rules'?

LVP Fed Up With Jax Taylor's Nasty Attitude -- Will She Give Him The Boot From 'Vanderpump Rules'?
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Lisa Vanderpump's future with the "Real Housewives" is uncertain; however, she calls the shots when it comes to "Vanderpump Rules." A new report is claiming that the bad boy of "VR" is getting on LVP's bad side - yet again.

Jax Taylor is used to being the villain of the Bravo series and has a habit of doing just about whatever he wants and getting away with it. Up until last season when Lisa told him to do the right thing and quit his job at SUR.

Now that Jax is not the center of attention anymore -- he's been acting like a spoiled brat.

Radar Online reported that the 39-year-old angered the transgender community when he told a fan who was criticizing the interior design of Tom Tom when he responded that "the only thing that looks manly is you sweetie. Stop taking male hormones not attractive."

Vanderpump is a huge ally of the LGBT community, so it's safe to say that she didn't let that comment fly. Apparently, the only thing stopping the restaurateur from giving Jax the boot is his fiance, Brittany Cartwright.

The site also reported that the model threw a fit when he saw that he was barely featured in the newly released trailer .

"Jax was so bothered by the fact that he barely appeared on the trailer and it has been a huge blow to his ego. For the longest time, Jax truly believed that he was God’s gift."

His nasty attitude has also been affected his castmates who allegedly don't want to film with him.

Someone on set spilled to the site that: "Lisa just feels like she created a monster with Jax and she does not like the person he has become."

Taylor claims that he is a changed man but you can often find him insulting fans and other reality stars on social media. What do you think about this latest report?


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