Lupe Fiasco Explains To Joe Budden Why He Thinks Logic Is A Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar

Lupe Fiasco Explains To Joe Budden Why He Thinks Logic Is A Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar
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If there's one thing for certain, it's that Joe Budden doesn't like Logic. Joe Budden has frequently trashed Logic, even describing him as one of the worst rappers to ever do it.

Their feud intensified when Logic announced he was going to drop a brand new album, No Pressure, as his final project in the rap game. Logic just welcomed a baby into the world with his wife, and he claimed it was time for him to move away from the music industry and start focusing on being a good father.

Joe Budden responded by telling him that he should've retired a long time ago. Not long after, Logic did an interview in which he discussed the perils of fame, including the amount of backlash, negativity, and criticism one receives after achieving massive fame.

In fact, Logic says the worst moment of his career, the darkest moment, was when he was the most famous. Furthermore, Logic told Joe Budden that his words made people want to "kill themselves," to which Budden responded by claiming he was being "reverse bullied."

Fast-forward to today, and Lupe Fiasco has explained why he thinks Logic is a superior rapper to Kendrick Lamar , a controversial opinion no doubt. Recently, Fiasco claimed Logic was better than Kendrick Lamar during a conversation with Peter Rosenberg.

According to Fiasco, he was only being half-serious about his prior comments, because he truly doesn't care who is the better rapper or not. Fiasco said to Joe Budden recently, "I was lightweight trolling Peter Rosenberg" because he was riding Kendrick Lamar so much as one of the greatest.

Lupe went on to say he was "semi-serious," more importantly, he says that King Los is easily the best rapper to ever pick up a microphone. He added that when it comes to "raw rapping," nobody is doing it the way that Los is.

This wouldn't be the first time someone has taken heat about Kendrick Lamar. Earlier this year, French Montana came under fire for saying he had more hits than him . His comments sparked reactions from Young Thug, who clowned Montana for days.


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