Lukas Gage Blasts Director For Saying That His Apartment Was 'Tiny'

Lukas Gage Blasts Director For Saying That His Apartment Was 'Tiny'
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Lukas Gage isn't happy with another Hollywood cohort. Page Six picked up on comments from the 25-year-old actor this week in which he put the Kingsman director, Matthew Vaughn, on blast for saying that his apartment was too small. It's important to note, however, that Gage never revealed the identity of the person directly.

Gage took to his Twitter account this week to make a note to other industry professionals. He advised all "s**t talking directors" to turn off their microphone during Zoom meetings.

A man could be heard saying in the video that "poor people live in these tiny apartments." Gage reportedly called him out for it, and the man started to apologize. Gage went on to joke that he knew it was a bad place to live, and that is why he needed the job.

According to Page Six, Gage never actually said anyone's names, but a lot of people were able to figure it out, including the actress, January Jones, who touched on the controversy in the comment section. She wrote, "I have a guess."

Page Six says Vaughn is the rumored father of Jones' child, moreover, people have speculated that January Jones and Vaugh were sleeping together while filming X-Men: First Class . Reportedly, when the rumors began to spread, Vaughn, who is currently married to Claudia Shiffer, moved out of town.

January Jones announced she was pregnant at the time which allegedly prompted Vaughn to skip town. Jones had the baby in 2011. The actress later touched on her decision to go solo, arguing that she "just doesn't feel she needed" a man or a "partner" to raise the baby.

Getting back to the Zoom mishap, this wouldn't be the first time someone found themselves in trouble as a result of the settings of the video chat. Famously, Jeffrey Toobin managed to find himself the butt of many jokes after it was revealed he had masturbated while he was on a Zoom call with many of his colleagues.

Jeffrey Toobin was a writer for New Yorker Magazine as well as a legal analyst for CNN. He has since been fired from both outlets.

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