Ludacris Sparks Colorism Controversy With 'Light-Skinned' Comment About His Daughter Cadence's Video With Eudoxie Mbouguiengue

Ludacris Sparks Colorism Controversy With 'Light-Skinned' Comment About His Daughter Cadence's Video With Eudoxie Mbouguiengue
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Rapper Ludacris is learning the hard way that a cute post can go south really fast.

Via social media, the MC from Atlanta took to social media where he posted a video of his adorable daughter, Cadence, whom he shares with wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue who is from the African country of Gabon.

Ludacris decided to caption the clip: "When you’re raising a Half-African light skinned Baby 😂😂 @eudoxie."

Many people were offended by the word "light-skinned" and told the artist that all Africans are black.

A few supporters stepped in to say that the little girl is indeed half African (mother side) and half American (father side) and he has the right to say it because it is factual.

One critic said: "He said half African light skinned baby??? Has he never been to Africa? Are all Africans dark skinned? Is that how he identifies his children! He is perpetuating the age-old colorist argument within our community. We can’t scream racism and prejudice when WE still think like this?"

This fan decided to back the MC by saying he was talking about the two cultures and added: "Half African by her mother and half American by her dad, that's what he is saying.he's obviously American... It"s that simple. He's talking about different culture his daughter is growing too."

Another person had the following to say on the thorny debate about race and ethnicity: "Why do people think he's unaware of light-skinned Africans? He's visited there he knows! He's also not incorrect about his daughter being half-African, she's only half he's American. And if he wants to talk about his light-skinned daughter so f'kg whaaaaat?! She's HIS daughter! We have no idea what context he's using it in; people are assuming he's praising her skin tone, it could be a joke, perhaps if she was a little darker he'd say caramel or chocolate drop. People joke and say stop acting light skinned all the time, hashtag melanin popping and black girl magic... no one knows except for him and Eudoxie what he meant."

What are your thoughts of what Ludacris said about his baby girl?

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