Luann De Lesseps Inspires Fans' Praise - "Single Life" Suits Her

Luann De Lesseps Inspires Fans' Praise - "Single Life" Suits Her
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According to Yahoo News, Luann De Lesseps is doing her best to live a good life these days, and fans believe she's succeeding in a big way. On Wednesday, the 53-year-old reality star shared a photo in which she was dancing in a bikini while in Miami, Florida.

As it was previously reported, back in July of 2018, Luann checked into a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism and had to miss out on her show's beloved reunion as a consequence. On the 24th of December, 2017, in Palm Beach, Florida, she was arrested for public intoxication as well as resisting arrest and battery on a police officer.

Unfortunately, this all happened on the day of Christmas Eve, which made it all the more embarrassing for Lesseps. While Christmas is a great time for many people, it isn't for others, who often suffer during the holidays as a result of deceased family members, destroyed relationships, and recent divorces.

Putting that all aside, Luann has been working hard at getting herself back on track. Social media commenters have been quite forgiving of her as well, which is only fair, considering everyone has tough moments in this life.

Many people on her Instagram have been praising Luann for her switch to living her best life. Fans online are more than aware of her past with the authorities and rehab. She and her husband, Tom D'Agostino, split up in August 2017 after being married for seven months.

To make matters worse, her two adult children and their father, Alexandre De Lesseps, sued the reality star in July of last year over a stipulation related to their divorce agreement. Despite all of that, fans cheered her on for her focus on moving past the negative things.

These days, Luann is working on the Countess and Friends cabaret tour. Reports indicate that it has been going quite well, exceeding ticket sales expectations and leaving fans pleased with the performance. It looks like 2019 may be the year for the Real Housewives of New York City star, Luann De Lesseps.


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