Luann de Lesseps has a New Year’s Eve Fairy-tale Wedding

Luann de Lesseps has a New Year’s Eve Fairy-tale Wedding

Luann de Lesseps’s New Year’s Eve wedding was supposed to be like straight out of a fairy-tale, but how did the preparations go for the hugely important event?

The wedding ceremony that tied together the lives of Luann de Lesseps and Tom D’Agostino was held in Palm Beach and happened on the night separating 2016 from 2017. How special!

As fans of Real Housewives of New York already know, the two newlyweds started going out during the last season of the show, despite Tom’s flings with Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer.

At the time, Bethenny Frankel shared with the Countess the information that she was being cheated on by her partner. One of her friends sent her pictures of D’Agostino kissing another woman at the Regency Hotel, a place he and his fiancée were faithful clients of.

Despite the cheating and the low blow of choosing such an intimate place for the couple to be unfaithful at, after the businessman exclusively declared that he “deeply regretted” what he had done, Luann immediately forgave him.

After the couple reunited their relationship seemed seamless and they have been planning their ideal wedding ever since. Everything to make it up to the woman he betrayed!

Singer stated that she received no invitation in August and before the wedding took place, it was reported she will be absent from it. In the present, she is in London with her daughter Avery and she did, indeed not attend the wedding.

Frankel also couldn’t make it, as she is currently in Mexico City.

Jules Wainstein may make been one of the few housewives present, considering she was reportedly celebrating Chanukah with her parents in nearby Delray Beach at the time of the wedding.

Dorinda Medley, however could not have skipped the fairy-tale wedding because she was in fact one of the bridesmaids.

We are sure the wedding was a big success thanks to all the help Luann received from her mother and daughter in organizing the whole celebration.


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