Lovers Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant, in the most fashionable color trousers, walk around New York

Lovers Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant, in the most fashionable color trousers, walk around New York
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Reporters caught the 57-year-old actor in the company of his girlfriend according to rumors, already the bride, 49-year-old Alexandra Grant while walking in New York.

The Matrix star and his sweetheart paraded through the streets of Manhattan hand in hand, dropped into Saks Fifth Avenue for a shopping spree, and then headed to Quality Meats Dining.

Keanu was dressed in his usual casual elegant style: a navy blue suit, a black T-shirt, and a pair of brown boots.

Alexandra, with whom the actor has been together for almost five years, chose a black silk top and wide trousers in a fashionable hot pink shade for a walk, complementing the outfit with a belt with a silver buckle, black espadrilles, and a brown leather bag.

Note that the artist is true to her beauty principles-she does not paint gray curls and avoids makeup.

In a previous post, The 57-year-old actor sparked a wave of engagement rumors by stopping by Irene Neuwirth's Melrose Place boutique in West Hollywood.

According to eyewitnesses, Reeves spent about 40 minutes in the store, looking at gold rings, which were decorated with diamonds, pearls, and aquamarine.

Keanu arrived at the store on a motorcycle, as evidenced by a leather biker jacket and a helmet in the hands of the actor.

It is known that Reeves is not alone and has been living with artist Alexandra Grant for four years. The actor's girlfriend has long known his family and friends.

Relatives believe that Alexandra is the perfect match for Keanu, and he is very happy next to her. The actor in love chose the right time for a precious acquisition: April 4 is Alexandra's birthday.

According to the forecasts of astrologers, Aries is lucky this season like never before. Well, really, what else can you dream of than having received a marriage proposal from Keanu Reeves?



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