Love & Hip-Hop Star Moniece Slaughter Accused Of Fraud And Homophobia!

Love & Hip-Hop Star Moniece Slaughter Accused Of Fraud And Homophobia!

Moniece Slaughter - the star of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood - is known for bringing drama and chaos to the screen of reality TV, but now the reality star finds herself embroiled in legal battles! Timothy Clayton Roulhac-Carr, an old friend of Slaughter, has come out with several accusations against her ex-boyfriend Joe Smith and Moniece herself.

In a document released by TMZ, Roulhac-Carr alleges that Smith wrote a check in Carr's name to pay Moniece's rent when she was facing possible homelessness.

Things got messy after Smith canceled the check because of rumors that Moniece was dating pop icon, Akon, began to surface.

Roulhac-Carr also claimed that he was robbed last year and Moniece was possibly involved.

Carr sought a restraining order against Moniece because of the Love And Hip Hop star using her "celebrity status," to both harass, slander, and "gay bash" him.

However, a judge in Los Angeles did not buy into the allegations which came from Carr. In the end, his request for a restraining order was denied.

A decision made on the other accusations made by Carr has not been publicly announced at the moment. Moniece Slaughter has yet to come out and address the court case against her.

As for what Moniece has been up to lately, the star of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood was recently dating AD Diggs, shortly after she came out as bisexual back in April of this year. Although, at the moment, it's unclear if the pair is still dating. Stay tuned for details!


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