Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood's Roccstar Slams Ray J, Brooke Valentine, Marcus Black, and Lyrica Anderson

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood's Roccstar Slams Ray J, Brooke Valentine, Marcus Black, and Lyrica Anderson
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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Roccstar recently appeared on The Domenick Nati Show , and the super producer had a lot to say about his fellow cast members. Roccstar - whose real name is Leon Youngblood Jr. - called out Ray J for trying to be “the Black Hugh Hefner,” described Brooke Valentine as “vicious,” revealed that he would never trust Marcus Black, and claimed Lyrica Anderson’s whole season was centered on lies.

During the interview, Nati asked Roccstar which cast member changes the most when cameras start rolling, and he said Valentine was vicious on-camera, but much nicer in real life. However, it’s Ray J who changes the most, going from peaceful to mischievous. Youngblood explained that Ray J comes from Compton, and he can quickly turn things up. But, at the reunion, he became a Zen master and tried to promote peace and love among the cast.

Youngblood also called out Floyd “A1” Bentley for turning into a different person on the show.

The conversation then turned to who Roccstar thinks is the least trustworthy member of the cast, and without hesitation, the producer and rapper said it was Lyrica Anderson.

“Lyrica, a thousand percent, a million percent. Without even thinking about it. Without the shadow of a doubt, without even having to give you a second to talk about it,” said Roccstar. “The whole season was all about lying, and all she did was cover up and lie, and lie and cover up. She was lying a lot. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw an elephant.”

He added that he wouldn’t trust Marcus Black either because off-camera you think he is your best friend, but on-camera he’s “ridiculous.”

Roccstar also discussed Chris Brown, who he has produced and written songs for.  Recently, the band Chvrches called Brown a predator and abuser in a social media post, and in response, Roccstar says that Brown is a nice guy who puts himself in bad positions because of the people he hangs out with.

The 29-year-old says it isn’t fair to call Brown an abuser because that’s not his nature, but sometimes his temper flares up. Roccstar believes that as Brown gets older, he will “master the art of calm” and learn how to “turn the other cheek.”

Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will premiere on VH1 later this year.

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