‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Fans Are Not Fond Of Joseline Hernandez's Replacement Erica Mena - They Beg For Her Return!

‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Fans Are Not Fond Of Joseline Hernandez's Replacement Erica Mena - They Beg For Her Return!
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The fans of ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ really want Joseline Hernandez back on the show! It is safe to say that people don’t really like the network’s decision to replace her with Erica Mena and have been making it very clear all over social media.

Ever since Joseline left, the popular reality TV show was left in a massive predicament.

VH1 tried their best to replace the Puerto Rican Princess with a worthy star, but fans are still not having it.

A lot of viewers are mad as they don’t think Erica Mena is enough and they really want Joseline back on their small screens.

One fan took to Twitter to write: ‘Y’all thought Erica Mena could replace Joseline Hernandez? I think tf not bring the Puerto Rican Princess back please #LHHATL.’

‘I love Erica Mena but imma need them to stop advertising her like she is about to be the star of the show. I need Joseline!’ another posted, obviously, just as upset.

As you may remember, back in July of last year, during a Facebook Live interview, Joseline revealed why she left Love and Hip Hop.

‘I left to focus on what it’s that I want to do for my life. That is doing my music, that is doing my acting, my producing, and raising my kid. I want to show my daughter that she can do everything she wants, however, she wants to do it — and there’s no stopping you. I needed to take myself out of certain situations and move and really focus on her and me,’ the woman confessed.

Season seven premiered on March 19, and for now, fans are not loving Erica just yet.

However, we hear that she is determined to create some drama in the upcoming episodes.

An insider on set told us that ‘Erica’s a straight talker, she tells it like it is, and she is not afraid to stand her ground and call people on their sh*t, so you can guarantee she is going to bring one hell of a lot of drama to the A. Plently of people claimed ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ may be over once Joseline left, but they were not expecting Erica to come on board — she's going to breathe new life into the show and leave her cast mates quivering in their Louboutins.’

We hope that comes true eventually or the show really is doomed!


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