Love And Hip Hop Alum Benzino Celebrates Turning 55 -- People Are Amazed At How He Looks For His Age

Love And Hip Hop Alum Benzino Celebrates Turning 55 -- People Are Amazed At How He Looks For His Age
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta alum Benzino took to Instagram to show off his body. The reality star revealed that he's turning 55-year-old and people were shocked that he's so in shape for his age.

You may know Benzino from his days running the hip-hop media game. Or, his troublemaking friendship with Stevie J.

Most recently, he and his baby's mother made headlines for their toxic on-and-off relationship that they've tried to salvage on more than one reality show.

What you may not know about the father is that he regularly works out -- and it clearly pays off.

The star took to Instagram to post a shirtless selfie where he displayed his toned body.

He accompanied the photo with a caption that read: 'Tomorrow I will turn 55 years young. To be honest back in the day I never thought I would make it this far. I just wanna thank God for getting me through bad times and blessing me with the good ones. I feel like this is a transition period for me. I am single, healthy and my mind is sharp as a razor. These next years will be my very best as I continue to grow my restaurant empire and get back doing what I love best and that’s getting back on tv and keep entertaining my supporters and family. I don’t believe in the term “fans”. You are my extended family. The love I get from people I never met supplements the love I don’t get from people I that deserve it from. So thank you for all your support and stay safe and stay with God in these crazy times. ❤️ Love will alway be the answer.🙏♋️'

The photo was reposted by the Neighborhood Talk where commentators immediately took notice of his physique and gave him props.

'He looks incredible for 55! 💯 Stop capping and show is how your 55 yr old family members look,' said one.

'He looks really healthy for 55. Health is important people!!!' added another.

This person brought up: 'This is great! Turning 55 and being healthy is a blessing most people don’t get to see! Happy Birthday to him!'

This person called out the haters with a comment that read: 'he looks great for the average 55 yr old. Y’all just don’t like him.'


How do you think Benzino looks?

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