Louis Tomlinson Off The Hook In The Airport Violence Case!

Louis Tomlinson Off The Hook In The Airport Violence Case!
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Recently One Direction Member Louis Tomlinson was caught on camera tackling a paparazzo and attacking a fan at the airport. He faced jail time for his aggressive behavior but updates say he is off the hook!

According to reports, the singer will not be charged for the LAX brawl he was involved into.

As fans may remember, Tomlinson attacked the photographer who refused to leave him alone the day he returned from vacation with his girlfriend.

The two got into a vicious fight and Louis even turned to attack the female fan who was filming the altercation. The cops were called and they showed up soon after to find the young fan visibly hurt and shaken up.

The photographer said he “lunged for the camera,” and that he “lifted my leg and then he hit me and I hit my own head.”

“I was disoriented and I heard everyone screaming,” he added.

Frank T. Mateljan III, a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has announced that there is going to be a hearing this month about the incident but that neither the fan nor the photographer pressed any charges. Now, the office has one year to change their decision.

Matelijan revealed that according to the law, each party involved is going to be interviewed and informed of their rights and obligations.

He went on to explain that usually after this step there is no legal action taken if no charges are pressed but they do reserve the case one year during which the parties can change their mind or bring new proof towards their case if necessary.

Are you happy the One Direction member is off the hook or do you think he should have paid for his behavior?

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  • Steve Charters
    Steve Charters Apr 13, 2017 9:23 AM PDT

    I imagine he has already paid for it, and that's why they're not pressing charges: he got the publicity, they got the cash and everyone's happy.

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